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Robert S. Block

Robert S. Block

Robert S. Block
Innovator - Serial Entrepreneur - Inventor
Loved by all

Robert Block sitting in front of a backyard waterfall.  He
About Robert S. Block, "Bob:"
Bob was born in Chicago, IL, in 1927.
He met Carol, his love, in '48 and married two years later.

Bob and Carol's daughter, Debbie, the eldest of his two children, was born on Bob's birthday. David, the youngest sibling, was born on November 21, four years later.

In 1976, Bob and Carol moved to Los Angeles to start SelecTV (over-the-air Pay TV).

Bob and Carol are survived by Debbie and David and six grandchildren, Aaron, Jordan, Sean, Jeremy, Aubrey, and Emily. They also had four great-grandchildren, Jaime, Hayden, Riata, and Sterling.

In 2004, Bob and Carol moved to Reno, NV.

Link to Carol Block memorial website:

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Family 2006 - Back row; Aaron, Debbie, David, Sean  Front Row; Jordan, Bob, Emily, Aubrey, Carol, Jeremy
Family 2021
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